Monday, August 26, 2013


I know you're just dieing to know how my week/weekend was. No....crickets...well that's ok let me just ramble away anyway!
Last week it was hella hot here in good old WI. For those of you who do not know this we Wisconsinites can handle the cold. We can get out and drive in 5 ft of snow, black ice, sleeting, 30 below zero anything, but heat well that takes the wind out of our sails. In the past couple of years we have seen record highs. Like 100 degrees. Last summer was darn hot most of us didn't get a tan because we stayed inside all summer in the comfort of our a/c rather than brave the heat.

I luckily am naturally tan so I didn't look like an albino with blindly white skin. And before any haters start to get all up in my business I'm speaking the truth if you don't believe me come and visit our fair state. I have nothing against lighter skinned people I just know that we can rock a farmer tan like no other. Anyways I'm getting off topic. (big surprise I know I'm a rambler). It was hot and my runner girl and I thought we'd go for a short run since we skipped our normal Monday run.
Well Wednesday it was
Notice the feels like temp (92) ummm yeah we have hella humidity. It's not just a dry heat it's sweaty stick to your chair, stick to everything kind of heat. Damn I was super sparkley...
So we busted out a little 5 mile. My app says more but I didn't stop it so really it was only 5 miles. Seriously I'm glad I busted it out but I was also so glad when it was done.
The rest of the week was non-eventful. Did some strength and finished up a photo shoot I did Tuesday. I knew my weekend was going to be super busy since I had two parties to attend, 3 photo shoots to do oh and let's throw a long run in there to.
So Saturday morning I got up and met up with my runner girl Hide-a-key and we were set to bust out a 20 miler. Now the longest I've ever done was 17 and that was three weeks prior.
But my race is only a month away and I knew it needed to be done.
Sorry for my less than stellar pic, super tired and sweaty and ready to pass out.
Bam!! Baby and the badass award goes to me. I'm not the fastest as I tell people all the time but darn it I will finish this dang thing. One and done right.
Have a great week y'all.

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