Monday, August 5, 2013

Who Are You Part Two!

Linking up with Miss Kimmy...Seriously she is a funny lady and if you don't read her you should.

If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?
1. $$$$, yes it may be selfish, and it does bring more headaches but I would love to not stress about bills and to be able to do any job I wanted and not be tied to something that makes money.
2. A cure for cancer....yes I know super generic but it's taken some people that I love way before their time.
3. To be able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain unwanted weight.

What is your dream job, and why?
Just one...A talk show host, a movie maker, a singer (if I could sing), a professional dancer (not the pole type), a vacation blogger (the one where you go on vacations all the time for free and get paid to write about it)

What are 5 passions you have?
1. Running. I love to run and I think it clears the mind.
2. My family.
3. Music.
4. Positivity...seriously being a negative nelly is not cool
5. Being, scrapbooking, whatever

List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.
1. My mom -Although she has made some bad choices through the years she has come through it. Without going through those struggles I wouldn't be the person I am today.
2. My dad- he pushed me everyday to get a good job, and get good grades. Although I never listened to him he still pushed. He always has wanted the best for his kids and he goes out of his way to help.
3. Heidi- She is my running partner in crime. She believes in me and pushes me to go faster. We can laugh at each other and be goofy with each other and she doesn't judge me. I talk to her everyday and I am so grateful that we met.
4. Marie - She pounds my greatness into my head even though I don't believe it. She reminds me that just because I help out others doesn't mean that I don't need help to. She is my voice of reason and my voice of concern. She is always sending me little cards on how I'm a great friend, etc. Which can make me feel uncomfortable because I don't take praise very well but it teaches me to be a gracious receiver.
4. Felecia - Although we haven't known each other long it feels like forever. She pushes me everyday and holds me accountable. She is my biggest cheerleader and even though she lives so far away it's like she's right next door. I can tell her anything and she listens and responds with love. Although if I need a kick in the pants she'll give it to me.
5. Lori- she is the only one who knows what being married into this crazy family is all about. We can laugh about it and say that their really should be a handbook so you know what you're getting yourself into. I love hanging out with her and drinking some wine with her.
5. Shannon - She was the first friend to stick up for me and made me realize that the friends I did have were toxic and crap. She has made me realize that I'm worthy of more than I was letting myself believe.
6. Crystal - She's the friend that I can call up and even though we haven't talked in months it's like no time has gone past. Her faith in God is outstanding and she reminds me that she is always there just a phone call away.
7. My Kids - Truly I never knew what it was like to love someone so unconditionally before at first site. I want to hold them in my arms forever.
8. Steve- He drives me crazy, and is stubborn but he loves me even though I do exactly the same to him. He picks me up when I'm down
9. Natalia/Maleah - This is 2-fer because they are my sassy sisters that both bring out the best in me. Natalia has taught me to be a better listener and patience. I'm thankful she has met someone that loves her unconditionally. Maleah - is my goofy, fun, movie quoting sister. Just love her. to pieces
10. Maya Angelou - Although I don't know her personally. Her ability to keep going with a positive attitude no matter what hardships you have gone through is inspiring and it is the person I strive to be everyday.

Describe your most embarrassing moment.
Well really there are too many to list. I embarrass myself every day.
It could be as simple as running...tripping...and falling face first on the concrete, or being on the dance floor at a wedding and dancing my butt off  and slipping on my butt legs up to the sky wearing a dress. Or how about the time I jumped up from sleeping and forgot I was in a camper and slammed my head into the bottom of the top bunk and then proceeded to run into the door because it was so dark I couldn't see it was closed only to fall out again face first and wake every one up.

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