Monday, August 12, 2013

You Can't Do That!!!

I've been told all my life of all the things I can't do. I've been told I'm not smart enough, that I'm not in good enough shape to be on the team, that I'm to stupid and ugly to do anything with my life, that I won't amount to anything.

You would think hearing these things on the daily from a loved one, a teacher, "friends", complete strangers would get me down. I'm not going to lie it did and sometimes does. I would go into myself and hide. I would believe these comments and truly believe I wasn't capable of doing anything. I would amount to nothing and I would become all the horrible things that these people had said. My saving grace was doing something for me. I tried out for cheerleading in 11th grade even though others said I was to fat and I wouldn't get on the squad. THEY WERE WRONG!!

That one defining moment showed me that I was capable of anything.
I have always followed the beat of my own drum. I have done things in my own pace and haven't gone along with the crowd unless I wanted to.  I didn't listen to the nay sayers because they have been wrong and you know what if it didn't work out, then I would find a different way.  This topic has come up because people have tried to tear me down when I told them I signed up for a FULL marathon. This is some of the feedback I got....Really, do you think you can do that? Aren't you a little out of shape for that? That's really far, maybe you should just stick with your halfs and get better and then do the full. I won't lie it totally tore down my accomplishments. It made me doubt myself. It made me feel sad but then I was like:
Why was I letting them steal my thunder. Nobody I mean nobody knows what I am capable of besides me. If I think I can do it, then damn it I'm going to do it. Truth is yes I have doubts, and I get scared but then I go and do this:
(tank top: thread eleven)
17.2 miles...whoot whoot...who the hell does that..this crazy girl does and you know what I wasn't sore after and I didn't feel defeated. I felt bad-ass! Yes, bad-ass, because not only am I proof that what you put your mind to you can accomplish I proved it to myself. I am stronger than those ney-sayers, I am stronger than yesterday, I am stronger than my insecurities,  I can do anything.
I may not be the fastest, I may not be the fittest, I may not even run the whole damn thing because yes I do need to walk occasionally but it's what works for me.
Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Tell them to suck it and prove them wrong.
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