Friday, August 16, 2013

Confused again....well I get that alot

So I know I changed my blog name before but truthfully I wasn't happy with it. I gave it a chance but I feel like this one is more me.
I'm an akward person. I don't like the limelight and I prefer to be in the shadows, but I've "met" so many amazing people and when I've shared my story they are inspired.
I don't think of myself as an inspiration, just a girl that was sick of being bigger and wanted to get back into shape. I share my story because if you've ever been that overweight girl/boy and feel like you can't do it or someone has told you that can't well I'm proof that it can be done.
I'm not perfect and I haven't reached my goal but saying good-bye to 60lbs is proof that I'm well on my way.
This isn't a total fitness blog as I don't want to label myself because really I have ADD and I'm always all over the place. So one day you may see a run post and the next time I post you may find out I redid a room. Truth be told my life is chaotic and I try to balance everything the best I can.

So follow my journey...share my stories...let me be your cheerleader...and let me prove to you that no matter your fitness level, your time, your excuses...anything you put your mind to can be done!!!

Happy Friday!!!
Yes, I'm a huge goof ball...


  1. I feel the exact same way! So many people are "inspired" by my journey which baffles me & leaves me speechless! But I also feel proud too! I am PROUD of you Nicole & you INSPIRE me every day! Glad to ge a part of your journey as well are you are a part of mine! I love reading blogs!!!

  2. You're so awesome! :) Thanks for inviting me! HUGS! ~ Erin


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