Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Running Like I'm Being Chased

I've been running alot lately!! Super stoked that when I ran two weeks ago I ran 5 miles in an hour, which is a huge accomplishment. I hope to be doing a solid 12 min mile, but it all depends on the heat we've been having here lately.  It's been an average of 90 for the past month. Crazy heat...yuck.
I think I did so well on that Saturday because it was a whopping 72 degrees. It's amazing on the heat just sucks the life out of you.  But it's like everything in life you have to roll with what's given to you.

I've been super stoked because I'm almost done 20 lbs since May. I've been watching what I eat but not going crazy. I love it! I may plateau but I don't sweat it, because really it's life. You sometimes have good days and sometimes have bad days. I keep pushing through because I want to focus on how I feel. I want to have that energy that runners high.  I want to let the skinny girl come out of the fat suit.

So for now I will continue to run like I'm being chased.

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