Friday, September 7, 2012

If You REALLY Knew Me.....

Stole this from ally and mama...Kind of fun...

If you really knew me ......
**you'd know that I'm totally obsessed with 50 shades of Grey right now!
**You'd know that I think Matt Bomer is so frinkn hot!!! as well as Channing Tatum, Vin Diesel, I could go on but I will spare you the drool.
**you'd know that I love to dance and actually can dance.
**you'd know that I struggle with my weight and always have.
**you'd know that I'm a loyal friend, one that would take a bitch down if need be.
**you'd know that I'm tough but I'm still very tender hearted.
**you'd know that I love my kids, husband, family and friends with my whole being.
**you'd know that I love music...rap...r& name it I listen to it.
**you'd know that I run, take step, and will try anything that can get my heart pumping.
**you'd know that I love makeup...seriously a makeup whore...
**you'd know that I love my hair, and it is the one thing that I can never make a decison on...highlights, no highlights, dark, I stick with the same style.
**you'd know that I struggle with trusting others.
**you'd know that I can't take compliments.
**you'd know that while I'm scared of spiders I will kill them for my kids.
**you'd know that I can unclogg the tub, fix the toilet, and will try to fix anything before calling in the professionals.
**you'd know that I love to take pictures.
**you'd know that my favorite thing to do is craft or be crafty
**you'd know that I absolutely hate blunt bangs on kids except if their of the asian decent.
**you'd know that I'm a sucker for someone that cries and will cry with them even if I don't know them.
**you'd know that I wish I looked like Sophia Varga...She is absolutely gorgeous...curvy and fit!
**you'd know that I have a love for halter and strapless tops/dresses but can't wear them because I have to wear a bra and I'm jealous of those that don't have too.
**you'd know that I can't stand dishes in my sink.
**you'd know that I want to help others and try too.
**you'd know that I love Halloween.

**you'd know I hate fake people.

**you'd know I hate liars.

**you'd know I love sweatshirts

**you'd know I want to wear a bikini one day but have too many strech marks and won't

**you'd know that when I reach my weight loss goal I will get a tummy tuck.

**you'd know that I love dance movies

**youd' know that I'm not an avid reader.

**you'd know that I hope to inspire others to be the best person possible..

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