Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ummm..Yeah I Just Did That

Saturday I got up fully intended to run my normal 5 mile route but I instead thought why not go alittle further....1 hr 18 min later and I had wogged....(run/walk/jogged) 6 miles...My inner goddess is dancing around...I'm so proud of myself...a-because really who goes and decides their going to wogg 6 miles unless their in crazy shape or just crazy and b-because I'm down 25lbs...Yeah finally a big milestone...Well I should say I get excited by losing weight every week but this week was big...Progresss.....which equals smaller pants needed asap...Ordered and on their way.

I'm hoping to do 6 again on Monday since it's Labor Day and I'm off anyways...we shall see.
In other news: I made a kick ass diaper cake for my cousin and I'm working on Christmas presents. Please don't grab me through the computer and shake me. Yes I know Christmas is a ways away BUT....I'm going to try and make a majority of my Christmas presents because I rock like that. Ha!!!
Pic's to come soon!!

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