Friday, May 25, 2012

A Little Dose Of Protein

I'm not sure if it is the protein that is giving me my results but here goes...

After I gave birth to my 3rd most recent child I had lost the intial 23lbs after he was born, but with a poor thyroid I gained it all back in a matter of months...OH can I say I was breastfeeding and working out as well. Just another slap in the face that my body was not working with me.
I've struggled but never gave up although I have had my days but who doesn't.
I've been doing alot of research as always and I starting adding alittle more protein to my diet. I would add some extra carbs when I would work out, and finally I'm losing the weight.

My other obstacle has been my running. I completed a 1/2 marathon 2 years ago. I didn't get a great time 3 hrs, but I was pleased none the less because at the time I was still 30-40lbs over what I wanted to be at which was 150-140 lbs. Once I was pregnant with my mini man I ran alittle but the little guy didn't like it. I still tried to do my step class but in February I just couldn't. I was having constant contractions and I didn't want my little guy to come to soon as he was do in April. So I stopped working out. When I went back to working out it was a shock to my system, but I kept going on.

Last week I told you about how I tried to run and my body was almost willing me to stop and I gave into it. This week I was determined!!! I started walking my route and said in my mind once I get to the park I'm going to run the park distance and if I was tired I would walk once I made it through the park. I did it I ran the whole park distance and then I walked a bit and decided I would run the endlessly long block that seems to go on forever...and guess what I DID IT!! After that I turned the corner and headed back to my start spot...3.2 miles...woohooo...It took me 45 min but it has been my best time since I started back to running. I'll take it!!!

So maybe just the little dose of protein has helped who knows. I just know I'm happy that the weight is leaving and that I'm getting my stride back...

Remember nothing is impossible, even if you're 100 lbs overweight you can do it!!!
I am..let me inspire you to push yourself more!!!

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