Thursday, June 7, 2012

WHAT....Did that just happen...

Ahh...So I had stated I started running again. I ran on that following Saturday and cut my time by 5 min and then ran this past Monday and cut 2 min off my time. Woohooo..This is huge for me. I'm so excited to get my stride back. This Saturday is the annual Bellin Run. It's a 10k. I've been running, walking, strolling this race for 10 years!!! Whether I was pregnant, just gave birth, getting back in shape, no excuses!!! I'm super excited. I haven't RAN the 10k for 2 years (I walked last year because my mini was 7 weeks old) and I haven't ran longer than 3.2 miles during my training but I'm STILL going to do it. It may not be my best time this year but I'm hauling around alot of extra weight. I plan to do the best I can armed with my Ruffles with Love Tank, my red nike's, and MP3 loaded with awesome inspiring music. I'm excited. I'm super excited that my kids are totally amped to be doing the kids run on Friday.

First Race...Not a great time but hey I'm wasn't a runner....but I ended up catching the bug..

6 mths pregnant with baby Bella

Best Time Ever 1 hr 8 min Oh and then I stood up in a wedding.

5 mths pregnant with baby Titus

Bella's 1st Kids Run
This is a family affair for us. This is the 10th year that I've participated. My kids have literally grown up participating or watching mom and dad do this race. I'm not competative with my peers but I am competative with myself. My best time was 1hr8min, with a bathroom stop, because to be honest even before having kids I had a bladder of 2 year old. I always gotta pee. Hee hee. I know I won't do that great this year but I'm still excited to participate and try to improve next year. That's my goal every year: TO IMPROVE!!!

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