Monday, June 18, 2012

Not The Best But...I WILL Do Better

I ran my 10th Bellin Run this year. It's an anuual 10K. I didn't do my best time what with the 86 degree heat...BUT I finished and vowed to do better next year. I've started amping up my runs and pushing myself harder. I've even ventured to think about doing another marathon but haven't committed to that completely because it totally bugs me out.
Why you say...Well lets see 13.1 miles...well that would bug anyone whom hasn't run that in awhile.  That is alot of dedication but I feel the bug catching on.
I love to run it totally destresses me and makes me want to do better. I push myself to my limits and when I think I can't go further well I do..
That's all you can do is to PUSH PUSH PUSH....

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