Monday, May 14, 2012


I felt like Richard Simmons this weekend! I woke up on Saturday when I could have slept in. I chose to get up and to be with my children.
We (the whole family) were very productive. We moved 6 yards of dirt and 2-1/2 yards of mulch. I planted 13 hastas that I got from my wonderful mother. We did all this by 5 o'clock. It was a great day.
Mother's Day came and I did sleep in after all it was Mother's Day. I then let my husband take a nap and I planted 5 pots. I had so much energy.

It's amazing how eating well can lite a fire under your butt to continue the feeling!!!
I love my new found energy.

I feel like I can move mountains.
It is what is keeping me going.
When I feel like giving up I look to that energy and know that I can do IT!

I can lose this extra weight that adds up to the weights of my 3 children. Yes I said it! I want to be back down to fighting weight. I need to lose 100lbs. I'm already down 4 so that's only 96 to go. See the postitivity in my words. It seems like a mountain but it's better than carrying a mountain on my back!!!

Move mountains today and think and realize nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself!!

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  1. Congratulations on your steps to becoming a healthier person! I am on a similar journey...

    Just popped by to say hi.

    Momma Marge


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