Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm IN Guns BLAZING...

I was posting on my Weight Watchers wall and people were wondering where I was. I was finding my AH HAAA....

I know we all get off track...we eat like crap one day...we're to tired to work out because our kids have kept us up all night...
But I want you to remember that feeling you get when your done with a workout, when you ate really healthy and good for a day...
I feel energetic like I can take on an army! I feel like a dancer that has given the best performance of her life. I feel like I'm in control of my life.

But....there are set backs is life.
We don't workout on a Biggest Loser Set. We don't have nannies, chef's, personal trainers...and if you do well you're so lucky and you can send them to my house.

My Ahh Haaa was when I was walking up the stairs and was short of breath.
I sometimes would have shortness of breath but mostly when I was pregnant or when the humidity level is high. But it was NOT Humid and I was definately not pregnant.

So I took it and went with it. I took that motivation and went with it..GUNS BLAZING...I was going to go hard...hardcore.

You only get one body and you might as well be comfortable in it!!!

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