Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yikes..I'm a slacker...

So it's been I'm not even sure where October went except that it went by fast.
I've been running like a mother and have signed up for the annual Turkey Trot. It's 5 miles ans I'm stoked. It's on Thanksgiving day. So I'll be up and getting my 5 miles in and then back home to cook for the whole family all 22 of us on my husbands side. Woohooo..doesn't that sound like a blast. Hee hee..Big Thumbs up..stellar!!!

I'm battling a lovely cold that has me hacking up like a smoker that's trying to quite. Awesome!!
But I'm back on the pavement stomping away and getting my miles in. I love it.

What I'm not loving is my plateau...grrr...I'm down 30 lbs but I just can't get passed it and it's seriously pissing me off. I run and run and run...oh well I'll get there eventually.
Well off to get some more things down. I promise to post more soon:0

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