Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Brrr....it's freezing out!!!

I live in WI. So our winters are f'n cold! No joke. Now it's not winter yet but it still can get cold..
Exhibit A:
Yep..and it was only November...imagine..Jan-March...brrr...I get nip on's just thinkging about it. Ha!
So I look like this when I run..please excuse the acne prone and makeup less face. I work from home so I only wear make-up when I actually do something besides sweat:)
Is that glorious...and excuse the open toliet. I didn't notice that till just now..gaa.
Anyways so running in WI can be tricky..We have to deal with snow, ice, freezing temps but it makes our skin thicker..ha!!!

There's a saying here if you don't like the weather today than wait till tomorrow because the weather changes so dramatically...take notice of
Exibit B
So anyways..back to run drama.
I'm loving it and I'm going faster and not hurting so much when I'm done.
Last night was my best run time ever....12:15 min pile per Nike+, or 11:32 min mile per SmoothRun...Whateve...I'm still doing better and walking much less than before.

This Thursday I have a 5 miles Turkey Trot that I'm doing.

I'm super excited. Until then..
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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