Monday, November 26, 2012

It was a Holiday...

So it was a holiday weekend and I still worked out in all the ways possible..
Thursday I did a 5 mile Turkey Trot
Turkey Trot

My finish time 1:01...not to shabby for 5 miles and dodging dog poo...yes dog poo...
Comn people if you run with your dog pick up the damn crap. Bugger
It was super warm and I overdressed but live and learn I guess.

Then I came home and straighten the whole house because call me crazy but we had my husbands family over for dinner that night. Only 14 people...yes thats not even the whole crew and that's just immediate peeps. Yes a crapload of people.
Anyways, I got everything ready includeing the turkey and I even had minute to take a snooze...The turkey turned out funaminal!!! I rock I know you're jealous!

Friday was a semi-rest day here. I ran and got the Turkey from my dad's to make for Saturday and then cleaned around the house and worked on some crafty stuff I'll post those when I get done with them:)

Saturday I went for a 3 mile short run. Alittle chilly temps being 25 degrees but it felt like 17...brrrr....but 3 miles done in 37 min. Take that cold weather!!
Made the turkey got the house re-straighten.. I have 3 kids I straighten alot!

My dad and his girlfriend and the siblings and significant others. And ended the night with a viewing of

 Love that movie...

Sunday wrapped up Thanksgiving Celebration #3...holy hell I was sick of turkey and mashed potatoes but why not add alittle more to end the season with a bang.
Sunday it was at my mom's with my mom and step-dad and siblings and significant others.
We had lots of food and more pie and bars than we could stand.
I feel like the michilian man but I will work off the dreaded weight gain of only...drum roll please 1.5 lbs. Not to bad considering I ate my weight in mashed potatoes and those dang things wreck havioc on my body....NOW back to the grind...

Run scheduled tonight with my girl hide-a-key!!!

How was your turkey day?

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