Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Mash-up!!

Good Morning Peeps and Hipsters...
I have 5 min and I'm writing a recap to my weekend of craziness...
So we transitioned LiL C to a big boy bed. Cold Turkey with the nuk and naps..
Why would I do this well #1 He's 2 and I'm all about taking the nuk away at 2 but I wanted to wait till we came back from CO to do it because a screaming toddler for 17 hours is not fun for anyone.
The nap thing is because my little adorable children don't need a lot of sleep, so unless they are up past 8 no naps. If they do take a nap then their up till 10:30pm and momma needs her down time that and their still up at 6am...HELLO!


Friday night we had the MIL over for dinner. I made up some yummy Brusetta Chicken, salad, and raspberry pretzel dessert. It was amazing if I do say so my self:)

This is what happens when he doesn't get a nap. Fell asleep at the table at 7pm, but he went right to bed and was running and ready to go at 7 again!
Saturday morning I got up and got my run in. I need to build back up mileage that I've lost since doing my half in May. So bam 8 down...And really that shirt is amazing. Love it!

I came home after my run and did my normal Saturday routine, grocery shop, come home clean and then took a nap because it was my sisters birthday and I was DD so I knew it would be late night.

L-R My Sis T, My FSIL (future sister-in-law, but not ring) T, and me
It indeed was a late night. I didn't get home till 4am. My sis is no joke she parties till the cows come home and I think the cows were home and sleeping before I was, but it's ok because I'd rather her be safe and it's only one night a year. Normally it's not a huge deal but I had already told my aunt we would be at her house on Sunday. So needless to say I was one tired girl on Sunday. We drove to my aunts house (she lives an hour away) for my cousins b-day party and then came home and relaxed. Check please done and down for the count at 9pm.
And then because my sister can't enough birthday time I took her to dinner last night at Longhorns.
I swear they have the best margaritas....they are delish and when you order yours on the rocks you actually get two of those bad boys....muy bueno!!!

Now I'm usually a no drinks before a run girl but it was my sisters birthday and well who am I to be a party pooper....that being said I just can't hang with the big dogs, especially not when I have to run less than 12 hours later so my run was super slow and I may or may not have been burping up tequila (gross I'm sorry) but I'm keeping it real!
So as far as the marathon training goes I'm trying to get in those miles. I'm making sure to do my strength training too because really that has helped with leg fatigue and I don't want to have any more injuries because injuries suck big balls!!! So here's my training schedule as it is..
Tues (today) - Strength
Wed - 6-7 miles
Thurs - 3 miles/strength
Saturday 13 miles
I need to get that 13 miles in. I was hoping to do it last Saturday but I just couldn't. I have to get up to 20 before August 9th because I'm not sure when I'll get my long run in because we'll be out of town.
And with that a little inspiration for your day:

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