Thursday, July 18, 2013

LInking Up Again....Because It's Fun Darn It!

So I'm linking up with these two again...and I know I know...another link up but darn it...I like to see the answers to the questions and it's fun so get on the cool kids train and DO IT!!

If I had one extra hour in the day... Sleep...I love to sleep and I don't get nearly enough.

I wish my name... hmmmm...I used to say something exotic like Veronica, Anastasia, Bianca, I'm ok with Nicole.

I think anything chevron is... SkinnyMeg or PregMeg...I've honestly never heard Chevron anything until I read her blog.

My last nightmare... was a home invader breaking into my house and me judo chopping him in the nuts. While he was rolling around on the floor moaning in pain I called 9-1-1 and told them I had the situation under control, and then I woke up. What the hell was that....

Sometimes... I wish I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight and then I wake up and realize I'm just not that lucky....

My last meal on earth would be...Steak, mashed potatoes, nachos, margaritas, and lots of frozen custard, raspberries and hot fudge..

I would much rather... clean the whole house than deal with cleaning the bathroom. Um I don't have to aim my pee.. Please boys sit or shoot straight.

Mayonnaise... is gross to me

10 years ago, I didn't think... that I would love damn reality shows as much as I do.

Selfishly... I wish I had millions of dollars so I didn't have to work for money, and that I could go on vacations all the time.

My favorite show on TV right now...True Blood, and Real Housewives of anything...don't judge. Some people watch soaps I watch rich bitches yelling at each other and I call that entertainment.

And, George Zimmerman... who? seriously who???

That's all she wrote peeps. Have a great Thursday!!!

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