Monday, July 15, 2013

Cause I'm A Slacker....

Ok so normally I try to post once a week, but life takes over and I get busy...yadda yadda yadda.....

Seriously after my birthday weekend I was busy painting and getting ready for my vacation.

I'm redoing the boys room, the downstairs blue bathroom, and my sassy daughters room, so it's been cray cray around here lately. Oh and I still am working and doing my side gig can you say super women...oh and a sprinkle of marathon training....but on to the good stuff.

My birthday was fun.
My massage rocked, and dinner was amazing. Give me a steak and a margarita and I'm good.
We then made our way to a bar and then the night went down hill and I realized just how old I really am. Cue the weridos and many yawns from me....looking at my clock when can I go home and sleep. Yep I'm old and I'm not afraid to show it!!!! Sung to sexy and I know it!!

Next up vacation!!!
We (hubs, 3 kids and me) drove to Colorado to visit some family. I love Colorado and would live there if my family wouldn't kill me for moving their only grand-babies across the country. True story...

So we started our adventure 4th of July and made it there bright and early Friday morning...
The kids did great, with minimal crying and fussing. So here is our trip in pictures.
The Drive (TL-mini C excited about his new toy, TR-the hubs always serious. BL-Big T very serious about his music and annoyed by his sisters happiness)

(TL-Jack whom is annoyed by the three kids that have taken over his house, TR - cousin love. B holding her new cousin. BL-Lil C posing, BR - Big T very mad about having to walk and not run in the water.)

Ice Cream after River Time.
(TL- Lil C ready for bed after a long day at the river, TR - Lil C enjoying some much deserved ice cream, BL- Lil C and Lil T friends forever, BR - B and Big A cousins and ice cream)
We had a ton of fun in Colorado. What you didn't see was the awesome mountains and river fun. We visited the aquarium and had a girls night and a boys night for the adults. I also decided to do some running because with only 11 weeks left in my marathon training I couldn't slip even further back. I walked with the girls when I got there and did 3.5 miles and I thought I was going to die.
I tried again the next day and brought along a partner in crime but he was not so much a runner and would rather have chased bunnies and squirrels...more mileage but another fail.

 I tried another run and did better...super slow time but with 90 degree heat and altitude I still felt ok!
We left on Friday and got home on Satuday and when I woke up Sunday I felt I needed to redeem myself and keep my training going...unfortunately mother nature didn't get the memo. Although I felt like I ran better than I did in CO, it was hella warm. Balls hot..

So I'm still here and still training like a beast for this marathon. I will not be fast but at least I will have done it! Don't give up.
You're never to old too set another goal or to dream a new dream ~ C.S. Lewis

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