Thursday, November 14, 2013

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

So I've been super busy here at casa de Nicki. I've had many photo sessions, and of course still watching the minis, on top of getting an internet upgrade that has taken forever. I took last week off and just wanted to live life in the moment and not be strapped to my computer. So I'm sorry if you missed me but I'm back and my head is a spinning with stuff.

Weekend of Nov 1-3
Way back in July there was a suggested meet up in Chicago, that was scheduled to happen Nov 1-3. There were some of my fav blogger girls going, and my IG goddesses, but I didn't want to go solo. So I asked one of my peeps if they wanted to go. We booked the hotel and the plan was set. Well you know life happens and my peep wasn't able to make it. Boo hooo:(  But being who I am I still went anyways.

Let me give you some back story, had this meet up happened last year I would have canceled too. I am not a person that just goes on a trip by myself. I like to have company while I travel, but I said I was going. I had the hotel and worst case scenario I would just hang out in the room and catch up on some shows.

I had to work Friday so after I was done I headed out to Chicago. I was scheduled to be there approx. 7:40 pm and then would check into the hotel and meet up with the girls for dinner.
All was going according to plan. I was rockn' it to some awesome jams, because the babies weren't along so I could break my ear drums out with the loud music. I was drinking my soda to get some energy. I made it to Racine and then all of sudden stand still.....ughhh. Anyone that knows me personally knows I hate traffic. I hate wasting time. So about 20 mins later....tick tock tick tock...traffic was moving again. Wooohooo. Let's get this party started!!! Finally I pass the border and about and hour away and bam doesn't my GPS take me on the scenic tour. Lord almighty I just wanted to get there. I get a text from Wendy asking where I am....

Yeah. I was lost...I'm not going to lie I was having a slight panic attack. Big city, lost and I think I was in the ghetto...eekkkk. All I know is I was driving and all the signs were not in English anymore.
I told Gertie to "efff off" after she yelled at me for turning the wrong way. Gertie is my GPS. What!?!?you don't have a name for your GPS. I finally arrived only an hour after the fact. I trudged through construction back-ups and getting lost. I checked in and took a deep breath, freshened up because of the cold sweats I was having during my "lost in IL time", and headed to the restaurant. All the girls were just so awesome. It was hard to talk during dinner because of the seating but we made it work. A couple girls went back to the hotel because they were tired and not feeling so hot. Poor girlies. I stayed back with Wendy and Amanda and another girl Gloria met up with us. Well the second wind kicked in...wohooo...and some of this happened...

(WTH is all I can say about this last picture)
After a little more drinking, some dancing, some yummy pizza we called it a night at 4am. Yep, 4am. Can you say party girl.
I was up bright and early Saturday and ready to hang out with the other ladies.  We made our way to the "bean". If you're not familiar with Chi-town than you don't know about this awesome mirrored kidney bean thing. There's a bunch of artsy-fartsy statues and sculptures. It's cool to walk around and check it all out.

After some shopping and eating, we headed to Wendy's to meet up with some other peeps, and have some fun.

                                     The Whole Gang

Why yes I am wearing a scarf on my head. Just one of the many looks I sported that night.

We all had a blast. I was so excited to meet so many wonderful ladies, and build some amazing friendships.

The moral of the story.....don't be afraid to be yourself, let loose, be crazy, wear a pair of mustache glasses, or doodlebops on your head. Have some fun. Life is to short to watch it pass you by.

How have you stepped out of your comfort zone?

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