Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Hate It When I Don't Get My Way

So I haven't posted in a while. Mostly because I have no time lately. School is out for summer and I have to make a bunch of crafts and games and all that jazz for the older kids. Also, I've been swamped with photo shoots. I also decided that I needed to re-do the kids rooms before we moved Big T to Lil C's room. So I have their room to paint, the downstairs bathroom, and Bella's room.
So yeah a lot on my plate at the present time, but with that all going on it will make for some fun reveals, and really who doesn't love a good reveal.

In the midst of all that I've still been running when I can. I say that because if you've read my past posts you know I suffered from lovely shin splints before my half. Oh those were awesome! Not really! I rest the week after my half and then busted out 8 miles and I was in pain but being the true thick-skulled woman that I am I ignored it.I tried to run on Monday and guess what 85 degree heat plus 85% humidity and I didn't get very far I noticed my left leg was turning out while I was running. Off to the chiropractor I went after my limp of shame home. Now I've always been skeptical of chrio's but I will say when I was pregnant with Lil C, that man was the only person to cure the nice achy sciatica that I was plagued with. So anyway, I'm getting off topic. I went he fixed me up. I was totally outta whack, and I busted out 8 miles on the following Saturday and still pain. So back to my man friend again to get the kinks out of this old girl. Are you still following me???
I took off running the rest of the week and rested up. I had signed up for my traditional 10K of the year. It was my first race I've ever done and I've been doing it for 11 years.

Saturday came and I had all my gear laid out and I really wasn't to nervous since it was a 10k and I just busted out a half less than a month prior.

Top right-Jen and me, Bottom right- Me and the hubs
See I remembered my inhaler this time!
I didn't PR, but I really wasn't expecting to since I still had leg aches and such. I stopped to pee (yes I just said pee), and slowed down a bit to run with the non-trained hubs. I think I could have knocked 2 min off my finish time had I been able to get to the finish line. I say that because seriously I could get past the line of damn walkers. grrrrr. Official Time 1:17. Now I know I'm not fast and my best time has been 1:08, but I was 45lbs lighter when I did that. I can only imagine how fast I'll be next year. I'm hoping to get to my goal weight before then.
And with that I say it's back to marathon training. I went to the hold back cracker last night and had some minor adjustments. I'm still resting and going to give it the old college try on Saturday busing out a 6 miler and hopefully back to regular training.
Speaking of the old college try, I'm linking up with my girl Holly from Where We Can All Live Like Jack and Sally, and the cutest male blogger I know (sorry Tina) Jake from The Life of Jake.
The Link-up is a letter to my 21 year old self. It sounds like fun and I'll try to not be sappy.
Until then. Peace out peeps!

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  1. Girl I am right on board with you - back to training. Gotta get back.


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