Friday, December 6, 2013

No Rest!!

Wohoooo for Friday!!! I'm so glad it's finally here.
This momma has been busy every night of the week, while resting a bum hip.

I went to the chrio on Monday and lordy these hips that don't lie were outta whack once again. Ahhh. I just hate it. So I took off all week running which has been driving me insane, but good things come to those that wait. Right ?!?!?

I'm kind of glad I couldn't go out this week because this is what the northwest is dealing with
Brrr...that's cold

Well cold or not come Monday it's on.

Last night we had a work party to go to. Good food, some vino and mostly good conversation.

The weekend plans include hair apt, work, kids party and maybe some time with my home girl.

So like the title said no rest. I'll rest when the holidays are over. That's all she wrote!

What are your weekend plans? Running in this cold?

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