Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey Day and Hip Pain

Well Hello....Monday...
Who else here would love to crawl back in bed and sleep like Rip Van Winkle? Maybe we could just have one more day off. I sure would like one.
I'm not sure if it's chaos at your Turkey Day get togethers, but here at my casa it is not a day off.

I started off Turkey day with a wonderful 5 miler Turkey Trot.
I felt ok about this race. A-why can't it either be a 5k or a 10k what's with this random 5 mile crap.
I ran it last year and I wanted to beat my time. Now normally I could care less about my time but I knew last year I didn't run my best so this year I wanted to give it my all.

Pic on left 2012; pic on right 2013.
Wow amazing how much has changed in a year. Last year at this time I had been running and had lost some weight but I hadn't been doing the mileage that I've done this past year. Oh and look at that it looks like I gave away some of my chins from last year.
I felt good at the end of this race. I stayed at a solid 11:25 min mile. Hey that's fast for me. My friend that I ran with stuck with me or was right behind me. Last year she beat me. My time last year was 1:02. This year I beat her by a whole 2 min and my time was 56:18. Wohoo!!!
I did however have a left hip twinge when I was done running.
I ventured home and started getting everything ready for feast #1. Turkey, potatoes, pies, you name it. Our guests arrived at 5 and they all stuffed their faces. I on the other hand was in severe pain. I'm not sure if I pulled a muscle or tore one, or maybe it's because I now have inserts and my body is pissed that I didn't wear them running. Either way I was not a happy camper and nothing was cutting the pain. I iced my hip like it was my job and felt a little bit better Friday but still pain.
Friday I took it easy. No black Friday deals for me. I was content with shopping from my computer.
Saturday I was suppose to run but decided to skip it since I could barely walk. I also had to get ready for feast #2.
Again with the face stuffing and me cleaning up everything.
Onto Sunday are you following me? I had two family photo shoots. One was a re-do since when we tried to take them the Sunday before it was like 15 degrees outside. I was pleasantly pleased that they were done quickly. The second one went fast too. Yes just the way I like them.

Photo Shoot Site for Sunday
I love Lambeau for pictures. Although, the lighting can be wonkey it's warm and you don't have to do the typical "Packer" themed pictures. A perfect spot for indoor pictures, and since  we played and lost horribly on Thanksgiving there really wasn't any crowds as there can be when we have a home game.
The rest of the day was spent trying to clean up from the feasts and getting ready for Monday. School work needed to be done and baths needed to be given. My gal pal sent me a text and invited me to a movie and I was totally down since I'd been stuck with the family (whom I love), but momma needs time to herself too. We went to see Catching Fire. Holy crap, and now I have to wait a whole another year to see the next one. Ekkkkkk....
This week is full once again. I'm skipping running in favor of healing. I have a photo shoot on Tuesday and Wednesday, a Christmas party on Thursday. I have a hair apt bright and early on Saturday morning and then get to go and set-up yet more computer stuff at the shop. Oh and lets throw in a kids party on Sunday. Gaaaaaaa....
How was your Turkey Day? Any good shopping deals? 

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  1. You have lost a TON of weight in your face... Look at the little point on your chin! :)


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