Tuesday, March 25, 2014


You know when you have really good intentions of doing something and then it just doesn't happen. Yeah, story of my life. Mondays are always super busy. I swear one day I'll get my blogging in line with my life.
So anyways we had a busy weekend.
Friday I hung out with my sister. We were on the hunt for shoes for my other sister's upcoming wedding.
Three hours later and a margarita we had no luck. whomp whomp. So online shopping will fingers crossed come up with something to wear on my feet.
Saturday I was suppose to get up and run but the margarita did me in so no run. Saturday night we had a kids birthday party at a bounce house. The kids ran around like crazy, which was good since we've been stuck inside all winter due to the frigid temps. Picture the monkeys being let out of the cage at the zoo and that would be how the party was. 
kids man i ve got four and i love the heck out of each of them but ...

It was great for them to get rid of some of the energy that has been built over the winter.  
Sunday we hung around the house and chilled. I hemmed some curtains and blinked and the weekend was over.

So here were my goals from last week:
Sunday - Rest - Totally on top of that.
Monday - Strength Done
Tuesday - Spin/leg strength Done
Wednesday- Run Done - fastest 5k ever 
Thursday - Spin/Strength Done
Friday- Cardio something/ Yoga - Rested
Saturday - Run 9 miles - Weights
Sunday - Yoga/ Stretch - Rested

So here's the deal for this week:
Monday - Run Did it 6 miles!
Tuesday - Strength and Spin
Wednesday - Run
Thursday - Strength and Spin
Friday - Yoga
Saturday - Run 
Sunday - Rest

This week is busy. I leave next week Wednesday for Texas so I have tons to get ready before then.

What are your goals this week? How was your weekend?

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  1. Have you tried Zappos?? Seriously, I've thought the perfect shoe did not exist, and then I finally found it on Zappos. Hope you had a phenomenal weekend pretty lady!


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