Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Monday.....errr Tuesday!

Hey Hey Hey.....
Sorry for the delayed post. First off my Monday started like this..
I awoke to what sounded like someone spilling water all over the bathroom. My first thought oh no Lil C is having and accident, second thought is Big T is missing the toilet and then I heard another splish, splash.
So I got up and then proceeded to slip in something wet on the floor, but being the good ninja I am I didn't fall. THANK GOD, because it was vomit. Oh lord, not something you want to wake up to in the wee hours of the morning.
My oldest had a tummy ache and ran to the bathroom and the whole bathroom not even joking, towels, shower curtain, all over the floor, the walls, everywhere was covered. Wonderful. Thank you flu fairy for coming on over yet again. After I let all my clients know that I would be closed because of said sickness I was onto the task of cleaning everything. The silver lining was that I had to clean the bathroom anyway. Woohoo...yeah not really.

So needless to say we say around all day yesterday and cudddled, rehydrated and everyone is back to normal today. Thank God!!!  

We were suppose to have a babysitter but obviously we weren't going to put anyone else through that torture, so the husband came home and I was off to look for dresses.
Dresses for what you ask? Well my sister got engaged in February (late February), and she wants to get married in July. THIS JULY, so guess what we're pulling together a wedding in 5 mths, you know most people it takes a year to get it all together. Yeah no! So after the bigger things were set into place not onto the other things that need to get done. First off, not to be a negative Nelly but I'm not a dress person. I will wear them but being part of the long torso club it's super hard to find a dress that fits right. So after 4 hrs and 2 stores later she found one she likes. Problem is I realize that I need to workout even harder now. 

So here is the real nitty gritty I had to order an 18, because of my "girls". It's fine, really I just thought I was in better shape, and maybe I am. They didn't have a 16 to try on so I couldn't say hey order a smaller size because I know it will fit. Truth is I know I want to lose weight but it really depends on what my body wants me to do. I can work out harder and eat right but if that damn little thyroid doesn't want to work than it doesn't matter. So we'll see. We all know I ran a marathon and didn't lose any weight either. It's just a little disheartening. I get to stand up in a wedding with all these 20 something kids, that have never had kids, that don't get it. I guess for vanity reasons I don't want to look like a big blue whale. I know there are people that are bigger than me and that their are people that are smaller than me too. I should be happy with my progress I know it, but it's hard to wrap my head around it when your covered in chiffon. But looking at the positive or trying to at least my legs look good. LOL

Now onto the keeping on track. Here were my goals for last week (what I actually did in RED):
This week here are the goals
Sunday-Stretches -Did It
Monday- Run 6.25 miles
Tuesday-Spin/weights Spin, Leg strengthing
Wednesday-Run 3 miles
Thursday-Spin/weights Nothing
Friday-Yoga Stretched
Saturday-13 miles fingers crossed 11.5 Miles

Not to shabby. I would have done more miles on Saturday, but holy mother of god it was cold out.
My half is in 2-1/2 weeks so my long runs will start to tapper down.

Here is the goal for this week
Sunday - Rest
Monday - Strength
Tuesday - Spin/leg strength
Wednesday- Run
Thursday - Spin/Strength
Friday- Cardio something/ Yoga
Saturday - Run 9 miles
Sunday - Yoga/ Stretch

So that's the plan. I've been doing really well sticking to my calories. I had upped it to 1500 calories and I'm only starving after a long A run, which is normal and feeling pretty good the rest of the time. I've been trying to limit the sugar intake. This is my downfall. I love sugar, but I need to change something.
I also have been doing more research on what not to eat if you have a putsy thyroid. So no broccoli, strawberries, peanuts, whomp whomp some of my fav's.

What are you doing to stay on track? Are you standing up in a wedding this year?

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  1. 11.5? You rock lady! And those dang bridesmaid dress sizes are a cruel joke. I'm an 8-10 in normal sizes, but I can barely squeeze into a 12 in Bridesmaids. Sigh, just remember that no one cares what that dumb tag inside your dress says-- I'm sure you're going to look gorgeous in it!


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