Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So I met my home girl Lori and Jennayyy when I went down to Chicago last November. You know how you meet someone and you just connect and it's easy well that's how it was for Lori, Jenni and I. Ever since then we've been trying to find a time for another girls trip. We ended up teaming up with the STL girls and doing some Mardi Gras fun. I got up early and drove down to IL to meet up with Lori and Jenni and after lunch and after I had a mini horseshoe we headed down to STL.
On the road!
We finally made it to the hotel, after walking the mouse maze to find our room, and a scared the girls with my Ramona eyes.  

                                                      Can't leave home without my Ramona eyes.

We freshened up and off to dinner we went. Per our directions the hotel was less than a mile away from the dinner spot.......well maybe if we were spiderman and we could have leaped some buildings. Either way, after a little bit of  anxiety that we would get mugged, we finally arrived at dinner sweaty and a little late be we got there and everyone was super nice!! We were welcomed with open arms, and not a faker cold shoulder hug. An honest to goodness I'm so glad to meet you hug. We ate some tacos, drank some margaritas, and then were off to the piano bar next door.
What a great group of ladies.
 Everyone was so welcoming and nice. 
It's hard to get a group of girls together and not have drama, but these girls were super cool. 

We bonded with some R. Kelly-Ignition, 50 cent, and Luda!!! We even managed to get some free shots from some random guy. First, who doesn't like free shots and don't worry we were careful the bartender brought them to us, no middle man. Ekkk...

Saturday we all met up in the hotel lobby and headed to Mardi Gras!!!! First thing, it was fun and so warm out. Well for me it was warm. I'll take 35-40 degrees any day, because back at home it was -20. Nice...Untill your holding a collage frat party cup with a hurricane in it. Then I had to bust out the gloves.

So let the fun begin. Pictures, lots of yelling, umm dancing duh, and fun outfits. If I knew it was a theme party I would have dressed up. Lots of gold leggings and furry boots. I loved hanging out with all these people, but I felt like an old woman trying to party at the college mixer. We saw no boobs but a mini weenie hanging from an upstairs window. Ick!!!

After we all decided to pack it in for the day, we all headed back to the hotel to say our good-byes. It was a great time, but we all could have hung out more. We (Lori, Jenni, and I) decided to head back to IL because of an ugly ice strom that was going to hit STL hard. After a nice pasta dinner we were back on the road. I hung out with Lori's family for the night and taught the munchkins some bad habits, did a pedicure, and hid some legos in my mass of hair. 

I was on the road again, in the morning and made it back home to my munchkins.

I can't wait to hang out with everyone again. It was such a fun group! It is very hard to get a group of women together and not have drama. There's always someone that doesn't like someone or they just don't gel. Hey, it's ok. We can't all like each other, but the honest to god's truth EVERYONE got along. I tried really hard to talk and dance with everyone I met. I felt like they didn't judge me or hate on me because I can be kind of crazy and foul mouthed when I'm not around my children. We all just got along and it was like we knew each other forever. Such a cool experience!!! Bring on take 2!!!!


  1. Awwww.. It looks like you ladies had so much fun!!

  2. Had such a blast with you, girl! And I loved listening to your accent :) Can't wait to meet up again ASAP!

  3. Hey Boo- I found you through Holly! Love to come follow new people! Stop by anytime!

  4. As opposed to people not getting along in Chicago...?

  5. I CAN'T wait to see you in a few weeks! So glad your weekend was drama free and a blast! <3 ya!
    oh and....haters gonna hate


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