Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey hey for Monday....errrr. Tuesday...

Hey everyone...sorry this is a day late. I was going to post yesterday but I had no time.
This past weekend we had the rummage sale. My sister-in-law loves rummage sales. My husband and I even told her she should just open a resale shop since she loves to rummage and have rummage sales.

I on the hand am not a fan. I mean I like going and seeing what I can find to refurbish, but having it at my house stresses me out. The clutter and the chaos are not my forte.  With that being said, my sister-in-law lives in an apartment SO being the nice girl that I am, I said she can have it at mi casa. Rummage sales are so much work. Maybe not for the average rummage sale, but our rummage sales actually have departments and we figure out the best way to merchandise, etc. The marking isn't bad since I do it all year long, but the moving it out of the garage and then back in at the end of the day....gaaaaaa...my back is killing me.

With that being said we made out like bandits and I sold a ton of stuff. Thank you very much. Ha!
We won't be having one for two years thank the lord!!!!

So onto the normal Monday...errr Tuesday goals. My goals last week were a little jacked since I had this whole ankle thing going on. It was still swollen so I just chose to let it heal. It was really the perfect time since my bike was put away for the sale, and I had no time to or energy to exercise at all.

So here are the goals for this week
Monday - Run
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Run/Strength
Thursday - Spin
Friday - Strength and stretch
Saturday - Bellin 10k Race
Sunday - Rest

This week is jam packed with alterations, concerts, grad parties, birthday parties, Father's Day and a race.

We have our annual 10K that I've participated in for 13 years. Yikes...that's a long time. I've only 1 time had a great time and I was 50 lbs lighter. I know I'm not going to PR but I'm hoping I'll still do OK:)
This is one of the only races that my hubs participates in as well. He's not so much a runner, which is funny because he got me to run it in the first place, but he doesn't train. He looks like he might just die every time he runs it and it scares the hell out of me.

Last year I stayed by him because I was worried. This year he told me to go ahead since he knows I've been running faster than him and I think he's ran maybe 3 times. So we'll pick a spot to meet and I'll be all rested and relaxed by the time he gets to me:)

So that is what we have planned for our week. What's on your agenda? Your goals? Do you rummage sale?

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