Monday, February 17, 2014

Keeping It Real

Hey y'all. Welcome back to Monday. I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. I love that I get to reset and get back to a normal routine. Truth be told the last couple months have been a ball of busy busy busy.
Anyway first thing here is me keeping it real with you.
Eating wise I did pretty good this week, during the week was another story.
This was my plan last week: What I did in RED

Monday-Weights/Cardio  Weights/Spin
Tuesday-Yoga/Legs/Abs 30 min Spin
Wednesday-Run/Arms 4 mile Run
Thursday-Legs/Abs Strength/Spin
Friday-Yoga Yoga
Saturday-Run Strength
Sunday-Rest 7 mile run

Hey not to shabby. I made sure to do at least 30 min every day. I'm have a new challenge that I've been following and it started Monday so I've been 7 for 7. Whoot whoot.



Wednesday- Balls cold out


Friday - Group yoga

Saturday - Rockn' Princess Laya Buns

Power house..

So I had a pretty good week. My weight was the same this week so that sucks but I'm really determined to not look at the number but focus on how I feel. I'm just excited that I'm running longer distances again.

Saturday was suppose to be my run day but my little guy got sick so I was playing nurse until my husband got home so I could sneak in 30 min.

If you follow me on IG sorry that this is a repeat. I post those pictures to keep me accountable. I think it helps knowing that if I don't I'll be called out by a lack of posting. Love my fit family.
Now I have to figure out the calories issue. I've spoken in the past about having a sluggish thyroid. That little gland is why I have to eat fewer calories than most AND workout in order to lose a pound. After my Christmas gain I needed to re-evaluate my eating. I really want to get to my goal weight by Christmas but not only just the goal weight I want to be fit and toned. I'm not seeking some unattainable goal I'm seeking what I was at before I had my boys. 

So here's the plan for this week.
Monday-Run (we'll see since we're getting dumped with some more snow)
Sunday - 30 min misc exercise

That's my plan for this week. I really believe you have to plan to succeed!
What's your plan for the week? Do you need support? I will check in with you if you do!
Have a great week!

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  1. What type of yoga do you do? That is awesome you did a 7 mile run on your rest day. I love the way you organize and plan. I do the exact same thing, it is key if you want to make this a sustainable journey. You got this girl.


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