Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Oh shoot, I guess I didn't realize I was at 100 posts already. So let's celebrate the next best thing.

Yep I made it to 101 posts. Posts that are so random and sometimes have no ryhme or reason but that's how I roll. What have I learned from blogging? Well that's another post. Today I wanted to come and share the amazing opportunity that I get to partake in tonight.

Before I ran my marathon I spoke of becoming an angel. You can read it here.
Running with those captains really changed my perspective on running. Yes I could always try to get a better time and I could always train harder but the point is I could do it. I had a body that was capable of running 26.2 miles, but what about those that can't. What about those that are confined to a wheelchair or have a degenerative muscle disease? Training and eventually running a race with My Team Triumph has opened that door for me and it's all because of two men.

The founder of mTT started this organization because of the incredible journey of Rick & Dick Hoyt
Their's is a story that I could watch over and over again. Here is a father that is asked by his son whom has physical limitations to run a 5k. Keep in mind that father will have to push his son in a stroller, and the father is not a long distance runner, but he agreed because Rick wanted to do this race to show a fellow classmate that you don't have to be defined by your limitations. Rick said to his dad after that first race "Dad, when I'm running, it feels like I'm not handicapped." That realization was just the beginning of what would become over 1,000 races completed, including marathons (including Boston), duathalons, and triathlons (6 of them being Ironman competitions).  To see some of their story click here.

I would recommend grabbing some tissues too because it is a tear jerker. So what's the big news....Well Dick Hoyt is coming to my city and I get to meet him today and listen to him speak. I'm so excited to meet a man that has really dedicated his life to his son. A man that people have said  could have been an elite athlete if he ran those races solo. Seriously, words cannot express my awe and amazement for this duo.

I watched a couple of their clips before my marathon and they really inspired me. When I was running my marathon and thought I couldn't do it any more and wanted to quit I thought of them and how a father's undying love for his son and that love made him push harder and keep going. That my friends is dedication.

Anyone of us can go and train and put the work in, but I can tell you from first hand knowledge that pushing someone is harder. Yes, the strollers glide smoothly and turn ok but it's nothing like running solo. You have to not only do it for yourself but you have someone else that is counting on you as well. Imagine thinking you just couldn't do it anymore and then realizing that you're not doing it for YOU, it's for that person that's confined to that stroller or bike. It's for them because this is the only time that they can forget their disability and really feel free. This is their time and all that training you did isn't for you it's for them and for that one moment that they can truly feel free.

~The best that has happened to me in my life has come from handling the worst that's happened to me,
 in my life. - Dick Hoyt~


  1. Dick and rock are amazing. I meet them in boston a few yea back.


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