Friday, February 7, 2014

5 on Friday

What's up peeps. Well so far so good here. My week was crazy and hectic and it's looking like my weekend will be the same. I guess such is this life of mine. Here's whats up in my world.

1- Running...Well I'd say hey lets hope I get a run in on Saturday, but truth be told that won't happen because we're going out tonight and late nights don't often have me waking up at 5am to get a run in. So I'll have to settle for Saturday after work or Sunday after church. 
not me but certainly what I've looked like lately

2-Girls trip!! I'm excited because I'll be going to meet up with some lovely ladies in 3 weeks...eekkkk so excited and I know I said it last week, but momma needs some time without a 2 year old hanging on my leg. I love my kids but I know it's good for me to get away too:)

(sorry Katie but we all have grays)
3-Hair Appointment - STAT!!! Ok so with the wonderfulness of growing older I've developed some lovely grays, whites, platinum blondes, whatever you want to call them. This would be fine if I actually had blonde hair but the dark brunette that I am well they just can't hide and alas the salon is calling my name. So I need to get in there because momma doesn't like to look jacked.

4-The gun show. I've been working on my buns and guns to get them ready for summer and for my goal of becoming fit in 2014. Since my fall last Wednesday it's meant taking a break from my hardcore (well hardcore for me) Chaleane Extreme and just doing what's going to work for me right now. Push-ups are a serious challenge right now. My T3 (in the middle of your shoulder blades) is aggravated so I just need to take it day by day, but I'm seeing some little baby guns busting through.

oh that sucks...
5-Temps. Ok so I know that everyone is surrounded by this polar vortex or as I call it living in the North pole weather, and we're all over it. I can handle single digits but the negative temps are making people plain crazy including myself. I'm excited for it to warm up soon. 

That's all I got. A little comedy show tonight we shall see how funny these guys are, but I guess anything is funny with a two drink minimum. ha ha
Have a great one! What's on your agenda this weekend?


  1. Yes yes yes to the hair appointment! Mine is a hot mess right now, so overdue... Tuesday can't get here fast enough!! And still envious of your girls trip... I need one of those in my life pronto!!

  2. I am excited for it to warm up myself. I can do cold but the negatives drive me insane. Plus, my work outs would be better outside. Dropping by from the link up. Have a great day.

  3. I love getting my hair done... dry bar has become an obsession haha!

    AJ |


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