Monday, February 3, 2014

Trying To Stay Sane

Since my epic fall on the ice on Wednesday I have been trying to stay sane while not being able to work out. Now to some this is crazy talk. "Who goes crazy because they can't work out?" me me

Yes, it's true when I don't work out I tend to get a little cranky and on edge. Truth to be told it's my anti-anxiety prescription. non-medication. Did that make sense? Ha!  I've never lied I did use to be on anti-anxiety meds and they have their place and space in life. (disclaimer here: I am not putting down anxiety or depression medications at all. Everyone is different and this is what has worked for me.)

I personally was just sick of how they made me feel. I wasn't my normal up beat, hyper, goofball self. I was more like a zombie that just kind of rolled with the waves of life, but they did help me when I needed them. After life got a little less dramatic and by a freak accident I went off my medication, but I knew I needed to workout to keep my stress levels down. I knew what I needed to do to keep myself sane.

So after my nasty fall on Wednesday I thought I could bust a move on Saturday....yeah not so much. I'm still sore but I'm feeling better. I just really need to let me body heal. This coming from a very impatient person.  Fingers crossed by Wednesday I'll be back to my old self and busting a move on the snow. Yes, I'm crazy enough to go try to run on the snow covered sidewalks again.

So here was last weeks goals. What I did in Red.
Monday - Burn 1-

Tuesday - Cardio/abs
Wednesday - Burn 2&3/Run
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Cardio/yoga
Saturday - Run

Yeah not such a good week, but what are you going to do. Life is like that sometimes.

This week I'm taking is slow.

Tuesday-Burn 1
Wed-Run/ Yoga
Saturday - Run

I'm not putting down mileage for my runs because I want to test the waters on Wednesday.
In other news I've been really good at my eating. I've been planning ahead of time and that's going well. I've also included some more strength for runners so that should help with the upcoming races.

That's all I got peeps. Lets leave you with some Monday ManCandy.....and your welcome.
Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Great goals... I'm trying not to overwhelm myself with too much so I can stay focused. HA! Lets hope that works!

  2. Girl I can't believe you are running outside even though it's so slippery-- I admire your dedication because I am far too scared of busting my ass to do that! You've definitely earned a slower week this week. And I 100% agree with your #MCM :)

  3. I love your blog

  4. I was on anti anxiety meds (mainly because I was dealing with a super douchey boyfriend before I met my husband!) ... and I was the same exact way. Sort of zombi-ish, and I woke up a few times having night terrors and ripping my hair out of my head soooo I quickly weaned myself off that stuff! It makes total sense that exercise is your form of "therapy" or "medication" ... all those healthy endorphins are flowing!


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